White Mountain Puzzles in Business NH Magazine!

White Mountain Puzzles was recently recognized in Business NH Magazine http://millyardcommunications.com/ as one of the Top 20 Family Businesses in New Hampshire. Family owned and operated for over thirty years, White Mountain Puzzles has grown exponentially and continues to expand their market with new artists and new images regularly. In a three year span, there has been a 22.8% average change as far as growth rate, and out of over one hundred fifty applicants they ranked 19th in the state.

Aside from their average growth rate and financial success, WMP is also recognized and repeatedly applauded for their superior puzzle quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction. All of their jigsaw puzzles are printed on the highest quality, premium blue chipboard, which is thicker than most puzzle boards. They also use soy-based paints and make all of their puzzles 100% in the USA. ¬†They keep their puzzles current and new, and make sure to really listen to customer feedback. If you see an image you like, they’re quick to do what they can to create a puzzle version for you. With a perfect mix of classic and contemporary, it’s no surprise that they’re still growing thirty years later.

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