Kick Off Summer With Our New 1,000 Piece Puzzles!

Have you checked out our selection of new puzzles yet? White Mountain Puzzles is excited to announce the great additions to our always growing collection. This month we’ve released new titles from some of our favorite and best-selling artists, including Charlie Girard, Lewis Johnson, and Terry Redlin. A few highlights to get you started:

First we’ve got Neon Signs, a 1,000piece jigsaw by Johnson. It’s electric, eye-catching, and sure to keep your interest with its bright lights and glowing signs. Printed on a black background, each sign pops whether you’re being welcomed to Vegas or checking into the Palms Hotel. A unique design, this one of a kind puzzle offers a slight challenge with its similar colors, but gets easier as you start to recognize the advertising pieces.

Neon Signs

Next is Wacky Packages, our newest from Charlie Girard. It’s a collage jigsaw puzzle created with a combination of Wacky Packs from the 1960s through today. For those of you who don’t know what Wacky Packs are, you can check them out here at, or you can put together this puzzle and see how quickly you catch onto the spoofs of these popular brands. This is a fun one to do with the family, and makes for great entertainment and hours full of laughs.

Wacky Packages

Lastly we’ve released a more traditional puzzle, Hunters Haven. Another 1,000 piece classic from the well-known Terry Redlin, this secluded hunting spot is peacefully illustrated with all the right details to make you feel like you’re already there. An old red pickup, a log cabin on the pond, and a nicely painted sunset bring this image together and make it a must-have this summer.

Hunters Haven

Perfect for family vacations, rainy days, and times when the sun is just too hot, make sure you check out the rest of our new releases at